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Richard Westmacott

Richard Westmacott

General Manager and Communication Coach

Richard Westmacott, the founder and lead instructor for Weston has a wealth of training and business-related experience locally and internationally. Richard has been described as a very enthusiastic, patient and knowledgeable educator who understands his learners’ needs.

Prior to starting Weston, Richard worked for a large education organisation as the Academic Support Lead and Operations Manager. In connection with his studies, Richard researched how to optimise online delivery of English language teaching, in particular the approach to communicative language teaching. Thus, the principles and methods behind Weston emerged.

Richard holds a Bachelor of Economics and Politics and a Master of Logistics from Cardiff University. In addition to a Master of Applied Linguistics and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from Leicester University.

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Dr. Beverley Wilson-Smith 

Leadership & Development Instructor 

Dr. Beverley Wilson-Smith is an accomplished professional with over 20 years of expertise in leadership development across diverse industry and academic settings. Beverley possesses a proven track record in guiding individuals and organizations toward excellence through engaging, tailored training, facilitation, and coaching.

Beverley's career is marked by a history of successfully transforming leadership capabilities, resulting in measurable improvements in organizational performance. With a focus on results-driven training sessions and sustained success, she brings a transformative approach that aligns seamlessly with the goals of organizations seeking to nurture their leaders' development.

Beverley holds a Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD), a Masters in Leadership and Management (MSc), a Bachelors in Business Education (BA) and is a fellow of the Insitute of Leadership and Management. 

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Ahmad Abo Al Anwar

Soft Skills Instructor

Ahmad is an experienced and confident soft skills trainer, proficient in delivering high-quality training to a wide variety of institutions, specializing in negotiation, career development, and business training. Ahmad cultivates dynamic and engaging learning environments that facilitate knowledge acquisition and continuous motivation and progress. 

Ahmad is dedicated to creating a nurturing atmosphere that supports learners in enhancing their cognitive and language skills. As a confident, passionate, and inspirational educator, Ahmad is committed to elevating standards, facilitating knowledge acquisition, and ensuring continuous student motivation and progress.

Ahmad holds a Bachelor in Business Administration (BA) and a Masters in Artificial Intelligence (MSc)

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Usman Kadiri

Sales & Transformation Instructor 

Usman is a fully qualified and experienced Educational Practioner/Trainer. With over 8 years teaching experience and over 5 years industry experience. Usman is a highly experienced trainer, specializing in sales and marketing, adept at developing management skills, empowers teams to excel and drive revenue growth. With a wealth of expertise, Usman employs innovative methods to drive business transformation, equipping professionals with the tools and techniques essential for success.

Usman describes his training style in the following way: “I am a passionate individual who truly enjoys inspiring my learners to achieve and use contemporary and innovative methods to drive business transformation.”

Usman has a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Business, a Master of Science degree in Advanced Management Practice and a PGCE in post-compulsory business education.

Andre Langevin

Andre Langevin

English Instructor

Andre Langevin, an instructor at Weston, is an experienced and knowledgeable instructor of the English language with a plethora of experience both locally in the UAE and internationally. He has been described as a patient, friendly, and highly effected teacher and trainer.

Prior to starting at Weston, Andre worked for an educational organization in Abu Dhabi as an instructor teaching various courses in the English language and vocational skills. Through this organization, he has also worked with groups such as the UAE Armed Forces and Abu Dhabi Police. With these groups, Andre focused on English for Specific Purposes and communication training to ensure his trainees could thrive in an increasingly international workplace environment.

Andre holds a Bachelor in Linguistics and Japanese Language and Literature from the University of Washington, Seattle, in the United States. In addition, he also holds a Master of Applied Linguistics and TESOL from Hawaii Pacific University, Honolulu, United States.

Elle Garcia

Elle Garcia

Sales Manager

Elle is a results-driven Business Development professional with six years of successful experience connecting organizations to the right learning options known for developing unique strategies that led to market share and profitability gains.

Elle specializes in assisting teams in optimizing their time and workflows so businesses can grow without adding more headcounts, thriving their members, and advancing their careers and networks. Her in-depth knowledge of her client's needs and what technology is available in today's global business landscape allows her to exceed customer expectations and provide excellent service. She is a believer in the power of positivity in the workplace and is passionate about developing and maintaining strong relationships centered on trust with her clients. The quality of her work sets her apart from the crowd. Besides her strong sales background, Elle speaks English, Spanish, and two more languages.

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