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Empowering Strategic Leadership at Ghobash Group

Weston Skills Training recently concluded a transformative training program aimed at enhancing strategic leadership across Ghaf Academy's organization. This program focused on equipping participants with the skills necessary to drive strategic priorities, foster innovation, and ensure sustainable growth.

The training kicked off with a session on aligning corporate mission, vision, values, and goals. Participants delved into the importance of these elements and their crucial role in organizational success. Through real-life case studies, attendees learned to identify gaps and developmental areas, contributing to the company’s vision and values.

The second session emphasized creating a vision for innovation, fostering a feedback culture, and planning for succession. By studying practical examples, participants learned to integrate these strategic priorities into the corporate vision, ensuring a dynamic and forward-thinking organization.

Communication was a key theme in the third session, where participants explored the art of conveying corporate vision and values. Understanding the impact of a strong vision on company culture, attendees learned to promote unity, collaboration, and innovation through clear and compelling communication.

The final session focused on coaching for continued development. Utilizing the GROW coaching framework, participants practiced identifying team members' goals, strengths, and areas for development. Group tasks explored how technology can support coaching initiatives, ensuring continuous professional growth and success.

Through this comprehensive program, Ghobash Group employees are now better equipped to align strategic priorities, foster a culture of innovation and feedback, and ensure leadership continuity. This training marks a significant step towards a cohesive, innovative, and forward-thinking organization.

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