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Persuasion & Negotiation Training - Ghobash Group

Weston recently conducted a dynamic Persuasion and Negotiation training session at Ghobash Group, drawing participants from diverse backgrounds including sales, marketing, and HR. The training aimed to equip attendees with essential negotiation techniques and principles of persuasion, tailored to enhance their effectiveness in various professional scenarios.


Throughout the session, participants delved into fundamental concepts of negotiation, exploring strategies for creating value and fostering mutually beneficial outcomes. By emphasizing the importance of understanding both parties' interests and objectives, attendees learned to approach negotiations with empathy and strategic foresight.


The training provided a platform for participants to practice negotiation tactics in simulated scenarios, allowing for hands-on application of learned concepts. Through interactive exercises and role-playing activities, attendees honed their communication skills and developed confidence in navigating complex negotiation dynamics.


One key takeaway from the training was the shift in mindset towards creating value during negotiations, rather than focusing solely on maximizing individual gains. Participants learned the importance of collaborative problem-solving and building long-term relationships based on trust and mutual respect.


By the end of the session, participants emerged with a deeper understanding of negotiation principles and enhanced persuasive abilities. Armed with newfound knowledge and skills, attendees were better equipped to navigate challenging negotiations and drive successful outcomes in their respective roles.


Weston's Persuasion and Negotiation training at Ghobash Group exemplifies our commitment to empowering professionals with practical tools and strategies for success in today's dynamic business environment. As organizations continue to navigate complex negotiations and partnerships, investing in training programs like these becomes increasingly vital for fostering a culture of collaboration and driving sustainable growth.

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