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Unlocking Effective Communication at Sobha Realty

Our recent Effective Communication Skills Training, tailored for Sobha Realty, was aimed to equip employees with the tools and techniques needed for professional interactions. This training fostered a positive communication environment, enhancing our team's clarity, confidence, and empathy.

Training Overview

The training began with an introduction to the fundamentals of business communication. Participants engaged in activities that set a collaborative tone and learned the 7 C’s of Communication: clear, concise, concrete, correct, coherent, complete, and courteous.

Key Objectives

The training focused on:

  • Applying appropriate communication etiquette in professional settings.

  • Developing strategies for delivering constructive feedback.

  • Handling objections gracefully and professionally.

  • Identifying nuances of indirect and passive communication styles.

  • Promoting open and honest workplace dialogue.

What Was Learned

1. Clear and Concise Communication

Participants explored techniques for structuring communication, ensuring clarity and completeness. Practical exercises emphasized transparency and honesty, fostering an environment of clear communication.

2. Communication Etiquette

The session covered professional email and phone etiquette, respectful communication, and active listening. Role-playing exercises reinforced the importance of maintaining professionalism.

3. Delivering Constructive Feedback

Participants learned to provide specific, actionable feedback focused on behaviors. Emotional intelligence and empathy were key themes, practiced through interactive discussions and role-plays.

4. Objection Handling and Empathy

Strategies for managing objections empathetically were taught, emphasizing understanding and acknowledging others' perspectives. Active listening and problem-solving skills were practiced through case studies and role-plays.

Training Application

The training was highly interactive, with practical exercises and role-playing scenarios. These activities allowed participants to apply the concepts immediately. For instance, during the feedback session, employees practiced navigating difficult conversations, building their confidence.

Weston's Effective Communication Skills Training has empowered Sobha Realty's employees with practical communication tools, contributing to a more harmonious and productive work environment.

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